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Healthcarendiet.com reports exclusively about health issues, which include fitness, nutrition, Child Care, Dental Health, Diabetic Care and Tips, Exercise and Fitness, Health Research Reports, Obesity prvention tips, Nutrition recipes and much more.

We report about various aspects of health, such as fitness, which includes the modern day aerobics to the age old Yoga; about the importance of regular food habits and nutrition; the pros and cons of certain vices such as smoking etc. and of course the significance of mental health in one’s physical well-being. In addition, we also regularly update the site with features on various health-related topics; along with interviews of medical professional where they speak on several issues, from common colds to cancer.

List Editorial Team:

Editor: phani

Managing Editor: sunil

Associate Editor: sanjay

Staff Writers: arun ,ravi, preeti, pavan, billa

We need people to contribute for this news portal, please contact Srinivas Kumar with your educational qualifications and past experience.

Main Objective:

To Improve the awareness about health and fitness.

For any suggestions please contact sanjay.

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