Hangovers are not merely uncomfortable

Hangovers are not merely uncomfortable 300x276 Hangovers are not merely uncomfortableHangovers are not “merely uncomfortable” say doctors at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in San Francisco, who reviewed 100-plus studies on the subject. The reason: they involve a good deal more than the usual headache, fatigue. nausea, and occasional diarrhoea. Poor judgment, loss of dexterity, and impaired visual-spatial skills typical of intoxication can also linger after the last traces of alcohol have left the bloodstream. Indeed, hangovers have been shown to impair the performance of pilots and drivers; hinder managerial skills and task completion; and contribute to lost productivity through absenteeism and poor job performance.

Interestingly, light to moderate drinkers cause the vast majority of hangover-related problems in the er workplace, while alcoholics account for relatively little. One reason is that light drinkers are greater in number. Hangovers also seem to he more common among them than among people who drink more heavily.

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