Addicted To Coke?

Addicted To Coke?

Addicted To Coke Addicted To Coke? THE SECRET LIES IN THE “FLAVOUR”

A recent study from Johns Hopkins Institution suggests caffeine is added to colas not for flavour, but strictly to hook consumers. Needless to say, this sparked a huge brouhaha from the soft drink industry. -.‘ Caffeine “is added for one reason, for flavour:

said a spokesperson for the U.S. National Soft Drink Association. Yet, in the Johns Hopkins study of 25 adult cola drinkers, when participants were given cola samples and asked to distinguish between the caffeinated and non-caffeinated sodas based on taste alone, only two said they could detect the taste of caffeine.

The researchers believe that cola manufacturers are addiog caffiene to sodas purely for its addictive, mood altering effects, which accounts forthe fact that people drink far more sodas with caffeine than without.

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