cellulite creams going low tech

High-tech, skin-smoothing gadgets W may be the next best thing in cellulite treatment, but what if you can’t — or won’t — spend Rs.65,000 just to revise cellulite creams going low tech  cellulite creams going low tech your thighs? Give one of the creams a try. They may not have FDA approval to say they can specifically treat the dastardly dimples, but they may help a little, and for some women, that’s always better than nothing.

Unlike the two new devices, which work on underlyitry tissue, cellulite lotions affect only the skin’s surface.

they moisturize and improve skin tone, which may help reduce the bumpy appearance. However no one really knows if they’re better than ordinary moisturizers because the two have never been scientifically compared. Among those available on order at certain stores in Metro Plaza and Crawford Market in Mumbal include;

> Lancome Reflexe Minceur Cellulite Refining Gel

> Christian Dior Svelte Perfect Advanced Cellulite Control Complex

> Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Firm Lift Body Lotion

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