Pain In The Neck | Smoking Bans Save Lives

Smoking Bans Save Lives

Union Health Minister A. Ramadoss will be glad to hear this: Prohibiting smoking in public does help. For instance,

hospital admissions for heart attacks dropped by S% in New York State in 2004, the year after a comprehensive smoking ban went into effect, according to a recent report in the American Journal of Public Health. That number takes into account improved medical care and other factors. Similarly, Ireland’s heart attack rate fell by 11% the year after the introduction of its ban on smoking in public places that started in 2004.

Pain In The Neck?

SHOULDER IT Strengthening your neck and shoulder muscles may help reduce chronic neck pain, conc]udes a new study in Arthritis Care & Research. Office workers who had pain in the muscles that move the shoulders and arms (“trapezius myalgia”) and started to do neck shoulder exercises (20 minutes, 3 times a week, for 10 weeks) had marked reductions in pain even weeks after they stopped exercising. The workout included shoulder elevations as well as rowing and dumbbell exercises. In contrast, people who did general fitness training reported only small temporary decreases in neck pain. It you have serious neck pain, talk to your doctor or a physical therapist before taking up neck exercises.

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