Your hormone balancing act


Ignore what your girlfriend says: Hormones are good. They can help you burn fat and have better sex, so manipulate yours to positively channel their power


What it does Luteinizing hormones (LH) and Follicle- stimulating Hormones (FSH) stimulate your gonadsto produce estosterone, crucial for sex drive and muscle size.

hormone balancing act 300x200 Your hormone balancing actTune it up Viewing a quick YouTube clip,or better stillan entire match of your favourite sports team winning, can have a powerful effect on your testosterone! according to Utah University research. After studying the saliva of Brazilian and Italian football fans, it was found to bat testosterone levels increased dramatically in the fans of winning teams,To boost them even further, reach for the free-weights in front of the screen. Trials have shown that compound weight-lifting workouts increase  your testosterone levels the most.


What it does T4 is produced by the thyroid when your brain tlag up a distinct lack of ‘oomph’. “T4 raisesyour metabolic rate, energises your body and gives you thetools requiredtogo that extramile,” says DrAjay Aggarwal, senior consultant, endocrinology, Fortis. ‘If your thyroid doesn’t create enough thyroxine, it causes yourbody’s functions to slow.”

Tune it upThyroxineforms by combining the amino acid tyrosinewith iodine. A protein shake is agreatsourceof tyrosine, but iodine—crucial forthe overall health of your thyroid —requires foods that won’t sitwell inagym bagfor an hour. “Smoked mackerel! mussels and seaweed are natural sources ofiodinethat helpactivethethyroid gland,” says DrAggarwal. Or, getyour recommended I 5omcg iodine RDAfrom a multi-mineral tablet.


What it does “Your pineal gland starts secrfing melatonin whenever it gets dark,” says Dr Aggarwal. “lt helps to lower your core body temperature and induces drowsiness so you can sleep.” Tune it up Production of melatonin can easily be unbalanced by artificial light. “Plug a child’s night light fitted with a red bulb in the hallway for trips to tho bathroom,” says Richard Stevens, anepidemiologist atthe University of Connecticut. “Waking in the night only affects your body badly if you’re exposed to light.” Buy heavy curtains and turn your alarm clock away from you.


What they do Ghrelin recognises an empty gut and shouts’ eat!’ Cholecystokinin (CCK) then detects a full stomach, triggering insulin to meta bolisethefood into energy and leptin tells your brain that you’resatisfied. “Together, they ensure the energy regulation neessary for your survival,”
says Dr Ritesh Gupta, head of clinical operations and men’s health clinic, Fortis. Tune them up Overweight people suffer a resistance to leptin, and exercising outdoors isthe ideal solution. Studies in the Obesity Journal revealed exposure to bright light, during exercise, increases serotonin levels, which upsyourleptin.


What it does Known as the ‘alarm system hormone’, cortisol increases your heart rate and hastens oxygen toycur brain for quickerthinking. Buttoomuch and you’ll overdose, which can give you the urgeto overeat. Tune it up Channel cortisol to fuel exercise and burn off stress. “Aim f orthree cardio and two resistancetraining sessions with free-weights a week,” says exercise physiologist Ian Craig. “Yourgoal isto work at 75-80 per cent of your max heart rate,” Putthis into effect beforework:
Levels of the hormone are highest between6and8am.

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