sex magic

Wit and charm are no longer enough in the seduction stakes. Learn how to employ the spellbinding techniques of neuro-linguistic programming to maximise your allure

01. Win a date with her

The science Forgetthe old ‘look into my eyes’ schtick— there are easier and more effective ways to place her under your spell. Harvard University studies found that hidden commands— essentially manipulative instructions or orders that are perceived as innocuous statements—bypass her brain’s critical response filter and covertly instruct her subconscious. It’s like wheeling your very own Trojan horse into her head.

02.Show her you’re her ideal man

The science Decoding her poker face is easier than you might think. Studies by the Social Issues Research Centre in Oxford proved that while it’s possible to control your words and facial expressions, your real thoughts will slip out via ‘unconscious leakage’,such as secondary body language and key phrases.

03. Arouse her with a click of your fingers

The trick Anchoring
The science According to the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, ‘anchoring is the act of linking stimuli to a positive emotion. \ Once her brain has linked the stimuli and the emotion, you can triggerthe desired effect whenever you want.

04. Build a trusting “relationship”

The science Both language and nonverbal communication can lend itself to uncertainty and misinterpretation. In the ‘50s, American philosopher and linguist, Noam Chomsky, argued that in order to understand what people mean by their words or actions, the brain has to make quick assumptions. You have roughly half a second to decide what is meant before responding. That half second is your opportunity and, as in a penalty box, can make all the difference to tbetinal result.

05. Take her home The trick

The science The late, pioneering US hypnotherapist Dr Milton Erickson is considered by many to be the father of time distortion. The idea that the subconscious can be mainlined to any point in the subject’s lifetime, pastor present, is especially useful when attempting to break down a lady’s barriers, says Dr Richard Bandier, co-creator of  NLP Simply take her to an imaginary point in time and make her feel good about the ‘memory’.

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