5 ways to keep your grey matter in top nick


01. Mix it up : To ensure you’renotleaving the gason inyour eighties,vary your routines. “Every thought process hasthepotentialto influence disease process,”says DrRajivAnand, consultantneurolo- gist. “Which is why happymen with active lifestyles have less diseaserisk: Varying workout routine solear sout monotony, making it fun to exercise, which inturn stimulates your brain.”

02. One Cup Manship

Swilling coffee could bethe perfect accompaniment to the cryptio crossword. Austrianscientists measuring brain activity tound short-term memory and concentration improved after consuming 100mg otcaffeine—equal to an Americano. But after45 minutes those guineapigs were back to the dumbness levels of a twice-a-dayDeal OrNo Deal viewer.


Go yellow to clear the mental cobwebs. University of Californiaresearch ershaved is covered that curcumin—a yellow-coloured compound to undin the spiceturmeric— can slow the on set of memory loss. So remember this: Don’t play any other colour to night and forgo the Chinese and Italian numbers. Curries witba yellow tingewill have the highe stcurcum in count. Oradd it to your cup of milk

04. BRAIN- BOX 360

P]ay first-person videogames like Gods Of War (XBOX 360)and you’ll develop stronger visual skilis and make decisions S5 percent faster than non-garners, say the University of Rochester experts. “They can read the newspaper, recognise a scene orpick out facial features faster,”said Daphnesavelier, of the Rochester research team, in between fragging killer aliens.


Fat-busting snacks have the added benefit of enhancing your little grey cells. British Nutrition Foundation reports showlow-tatdried fruits suohasdates area good source of brain-boosting boron.Get l75g of the fruit down you aday and you’re likely toscore higher in motor skills than yourraisin-less colleagues.That’s coordination, not Top Gear trivia knowledge.

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