10 Anti Stress Pointers

Cut down on table salt and other sources of sodium because of their link with high blood pressure. Remember that preservatives may also contain sodium.

• Drink only moderate amouts of coffee and tea and remember that caffeine is present in both. Caffeine, nicotine and alcohol are also stimulants.

• You should have eight big glasses of fluid daily. It can be in the form of any drink, but make sure to drink at least two glasses of plain water daily. This helps to flush the waste products out of the body.

• Eat foods that are rich in potassium, like oranges and bananas. Potassium is essential for the right balance of the minerals within the body fluids and plays a key role in muscle contraction.

• Be sure you are getting enough calcium, as you tend to lose more than usual when you are in a stress situation. You should try to have at least two glasses of skimmed/toned (to reduce the fat content) milk in a day.

• Vitamin C is important, as it keeps the walls of the capillaries flexible. The blood vessels constrict at the first sign of stress, and this results in the depletion of vitamin C in the body. Sources are the citrus fruits (orange, lime, lemon, grapefruit) and fresh vegetables eaten raw as salad.

• The vitamin B complex serves as a catalyst in the production of energy, and in the metabolism of protein and fats. It is also necessary for the working of the central nervous system. In conditions of stress (especially physical), supplements are advisable. Increase the intake of green leafy vegetables, eggs, milk, whole grains, sprouts and yeast (khameer).

• Nitrogen, the base of the body’s protein, is excreted under stress. So the protein intake should be increased by 10 percent during periods of stress.

• Five small meals are lighter than three large ones on the digestive system. The additional small meals can take the form of afternoon or evening snacks.

• Relax before a meal. Sit down at the table for every meal, putting your worries aside.

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