Types of Tea and Tea benefits

1 Green
Population studies have found a link between green tea consumption and lower rates of heart disease. Next up: Clinical trials are needed to determine if its truly acause and effect.

2 Herbal Herbal infusions are madefrom mixtures of dried leaves, seeds, grasses, nuts, barks, fruits, flowers or other botanicals that give them theirtaste. They give you a relaxed state of mind and aid in digestion.

3 Black
There’s conflicting evidence as to whetherdrinking black tea—the most common chai in India—trulywards off heart disease and cancer, buttesttube studies suggestthat it contains compounds that help fight both maladies.

4 Chamomile
The American Academy of Sleep Medicinefound little evidence that chamomile helps you fall asleep, as is often claimed. Butonestudyfound that its extract may have anti-cancer properties.

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