Beat these self-inflicted health setbacks

1. Your ambitious gym workout left you sore

THE QUICK FIX: Stay in rnotion. Soreness is normal after exercise and will start to go away with movement. But if you’ve suffered a strain, your range of motion will be limited, especially when you walk up stairs or bend to pick something up. Ice the injured muscle and take an anti-inflammatory pill, such as ibuprofen, to reduce pain and swelling.

2. A day at the beach scorched your skin

THE QUICK FIX: Smother the flames. Any kind of sunburn is like a fire—treat it like one. Cooling your singed skin with a wet cloth or soaking in a bathtub full of cool water can help the healing. Headaches, fever or chills can indicate that you have sun poisoning, which requires a trip to the doctor’s office.

3. You supersized everything

THE QUICK FIX: Rough it. The less time food spends in your digestive tract, the less havoc it can wreak. Make sure your next meal has lots of dietary fibre. A green salad with berries, nuts and beans should speed that burger though your belly.

4. You had a few drinks too many

THE QUICK FIX: Give the booze some company. Alcohol increases the secretion of acid in your stomach. Eat toast before bed to reduce morning queasiness ,nd wash it down with Eno to reduce acid and rehydrate.

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