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This fruit of Chinese origin bags the title this month. Low in calories, a 100gm peach contains 46mg of Vitamin C. It is easy to digest and has a gentle laxative effect that makes the slide easier for your intestines. It has a healthy dose of iron and potassium and has phytochemicals (called phenols) and betacarotene that boost the immune system and promote healthy skin. It can also prevent cancer in organs and help maintain your vitamin A levels. Add peaches to yogurt, fruit salads and cereal, or use them in pies, jams, sorbets and souffles. Spiced peaches also make an excellent side-dish with winter meals.

Banana (1 medium)
Beta-carotene: 31 mcg
(Peach: l59mcg)
Calories: lO8cals
(Peach: 38cals)

Apricot (1 medium)
Fibre: 0.85gm
(Peach: 1.5gm)
Calcium: 4.9mg
(Peach: 6mg)
Folate: 3mcg
(Peach: 4mcg)

Plump (1 medium)
Fibre: 1gm
(Peach: 1 .5gm)
Vitamin A: 2131U
(Peach: 3191U)
(Peach: 4mcg)

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