Turn your horne into a lust zone

Wax on, wax off. Light a votive to create a body-flattering dim glow. Then blow out the flame and driz between zle some warm oil on her back for a sexy massage. Remember, when it comes to setting the mood, candles are your best friend.

Turn the beat around Set up a personalised smooth station” at Pandora, a free Internet radio site (www.pandora.com). Select your favorite artists—and hers—and your station will play, continuously and at random, nothing but the tunes that turn you two on.

Make it comfy and she’ll make it cozy. You want luxurious yet manly bed- dingthatshe’llwantto jump in. Pick up a couple of options—if you live alone (if not, spring for a nice hotel room). Try high-density cotton and another in satin. The first feels good and the second looks good. And pick masculine colours like choc- olate, grey and bronze.

Undress the part. No boxers, bud. Buy grown-up lounge” or pajama pants, preferably snug-fitting so she can check out your freshbody.

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