sinus symptom decoder

The sinus symptom decoder

Flush out that never ending mucus for good, and bid adieu to those head pains forever

With winter hitting you in full swing, your sinuses will soon shout for pain relief measures. But before you hit the drugstore, check to see which nasal cavity is making the most noise and how best to silence it.

Why it happens: Inflammation causes mucus—and pressure—to build up in these areas. Your defence: Go to your ENT specialist for a proper suction cleaning— a doctor can use any normal suction to clean out the mucus, says Dr Rahul Garg, Consulting ENT specialist for Umkal and Columbia Asia Hospitals.

Why it happens: Turbinates, spongy bones within
your nose, swell and block mucus flow. Your defence: Folspre, sinus spray. Aim toward the inner corner of the corresponding eye to target your lower turbinate, which is the site of most congestion.

Postnasal drip Why it happens: Mucus is always dripping down our throats, but this flow doesn’t become annoying unless it thickens.
Your defence: Go heavy on the hydration. Water can help thin out the mucus, making the drip less noticeable.

Loss of smell
Why it happens: Swollen turbinates can block the nerves in your nose that register smell. Your defence: Reduce the swelling with a decongestant. like Nasowryl or Otrivin, says DrGarg.

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