6 reasons you really should own a dog

6 reasons you really should own a dog

1 A dog never asks why you’re late, where you’ve been, why you didn’t call. Even when you act badly, he will greet you with unbridled enthusiasm.

2 Two guys are walking through a park. One is alone. One is with a dog. Beautiful woman approaches. Guess which guy she stops to talk to.

3 He may eat the TV remote but will never challenge your authority over it.

4 Ready for a walk or run, any day, anytime.

5 remind you every hour of every daythat it is your life and you should live it for yourself, even if tha: mess occasionally telling your boss to go take a hike.

6 When the worst that can happen happens. he will always have your back. Bestbreed tip Give a street çup a home (first, get the vet to take a look at him

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