Harness the power of your mind to defeat your enemies

Psych ‘em out

Harness the power of your mind to defeat your enemies with these five confidence tricks

1.Your girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend

The situation You know that he knows how she trims her topiary.
The psych-out When introduced, have an amused look in your eyes. Then he’ll wonder whats amusing you. Stand with your hands behind your back—this is like saying. Take your best shot’, i.e. hes not a threat. Although if he takes you up on that, you might want to have a rethink.

2. Your sporting opponent

The situation Youre about to go one-on-one and want an edge.
The psych-out Observe your opponent. Someone who moves about a lot is already ill at ease. Minimise verbal contact to imply aggression. Hunch up your shoulders to look bigger and make eye contact to imply he’s not a threat. Far more effective than wrestler-style ‘trash talk’.

3.Your boss

The situation The chief is angry and you’re on the receiving end. The psych-out Don’t attack back. Avoid aggressive ‘you’ statements; use statements like ‘I think it’s too much to complete this soon’. Try making him a cup of tea before the meeting, to break down barriers. It gives you a chance to prepare your case (or spit in his mug).

4. The mugger

The situation It’s late and you’re being followed. The psych-out Puff out your chest and look confident. Let him see you’ve clocked him and so could pick him out in a line-up. And keep at least arm’s length away. If the worst comes to the worst, look scared to lull him into a false sense of security, then run. Just don’t fall flat on your face.

5. Your love rival

The situation He’s locked in on the same target as you. The psych-out Say to her, “What do you think of his pulling technique so far?” This will force his hand, usually leading to denials and awkwardness. Or make a joke and slap him on the back, asserting your role as the alpha male. Alternativelyyou could go for broke and slap him in the face.

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