Grab hold of some of your boss’ power in six easy steps

  1. Show up early for meetings

Get there before him, and look prepared by bringing a notebook, a cool pen, industry journals, or other props that suggest you know the subject inside and out. Be working’ when he arrives—even if you’re actually playing games on your PDA
—and insist that the meeting ends on time.

2.Initiate every hand shake

Again, this sends a subtle signal that you cecide when his interaction with you begins and ends. Make the shake strong and short, but don’t squeeze.

3. Stand closer

If your boss tends to stand three feet away when talking to you, go half a step closer. Hoid a pen or your glasses in front of you to maintain your comfort level. He may feel slightly awkward, but won’t know why.

4. Expose him

In his office, sit on a couch or chair that’s .inblocked by his desk—he’ll have no place icon surprised Grab hold of some of your boss’ power in six easy steps hide. Also, put something (a PDA or file ‘older) between him and his phone to scut:e any escape. Ideally, you want a window cehind him; sit catty-corner so you’re not looking directly at it. Above all, don’t sit near a wall—you want his back against it. not yours.

5. Handle with care

Touching the man is risky (don’t even try this with a woman), but putting your hand on his shoulder can make a point.

6. Shut up

Silence is one of the most powerful manipulative tools. He’ll feel obliged to fill the uncomfortable voids with things like, “Sure, we’ll give you a bigger office.” Or a new secretary, or even just valet parking. It’s a start.

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