The most popular brews

The scientific scoop on five of the most popular brews.

The most popular brews 300x199 The most popular brews 1 Green
Population studies have found a link between green tea consumption and lower rates of heart disease. Next up: Clinical trials are needed to determine if its truly a cause and effect.

2 Herbal : – Herbal infusions are made from mixtures of dried leaves, seeds, grasses, nuts, barks, fruits, flowers or other botanicals that give them their taste. They give you a relaxed state of mind and aid in digestion.

3 Black
There’s conflicting evidence as to whether drinking black tea—the most common chai in India—trulywards off heart disease and cancer, buttest tube studies suggestthat it contains compounds that help fight both maladies.

4 Chamomile
The American Academy of Sleep Medicinefound little evidence that chamomile helps you fall asleep, as is often claimed. But one study found that its extract may have anti-cancer properties.

5 Ayurveda
Studies have shown that Avureda helps in healing digestive problems and allergies. Anti-oxidant Dr Doeries of the tea lower cholesterol level and increase immunity level.

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