Sexual stimuli snap our minds to the present

The bikini effect

The Journal of Consumer Research reports that sexual urges make men crave quick rewards when they make decisions about money or food. Men who were given lingerie to fondle or shown videos of women running in bikinis tended to be content with a small immediate monetary
reward instead of a bigger one that involved waiting (and made similar decisions for candy and soda). Sexual stimuli snap our minds to the present, making fast rewards more appealing.

The aroma of amore

Women are sexually aroused by the scent of male sweat, say researchers at the University of California at Berkeley. When 48 female students watched an erotic video after sniffing androstadienone (a testosterone derivative in male sweat), they experienced a 200 per cent spike in arousal. Androstadienone also increased the levels of cortisol, a hormone that stimulates arousal, by almost 40 per cent.


A woman’s voice sounds sexier when she’s at her peak of fertility, according to University at Albany researchers. When men listened to the voices of women at different points in their menstrual cycles, they rated the sound of women at peak fertility as most attractive. “Hormones throughout the menstrual cycle change the quality of a woman’s voice, possibly by altering the pitch,” says Nate Pipitone, PhD. Women are more receptive to sex at the same point in their cycles. If she seems irresistible, be condom-ready. Or it may be the perfect time for phone sex.

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