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sila sahin playboy pictures 300x177 sila sahin fotos playboy | sila sahin playboy picturesThe young Turkish woman living in Stuttgart three years ago was photographed in the Maldives for the men’s magazine. Sila Sahin appears on the cover of the German edition of Playboy magazine and needless to say she is attracting a ton of attention. Now Sila Sahin has been disowned by her family and the Muslim community is not exactly impressed. Sila Sahin said she decided to pose for Playboy magazine to get rid of all of the restrictions she had as a child. Sila Sahin is the first Turkish woman to ever appear on the cover of Playboy. The Playmate “April 2008” has been a model since 2006. The shoot for Playboy, the now 25-year-old described as amazing experience.

She regularly visits her family in Istanbul. Even the young woman sees but very Germanized. You must ascertaining numerical: Before stunning scenery on the beaches of Sri Lanka, the daughter of an actor makes a good figure.

Compared to the image she said a few months after the publication: “It was always my dream to be in Playboy depicted. I like the aesthetic images of the models. It is true that her family was initially very critical. Especially the older generation was outraged. From my acquaintance she had only received positive criticism. The issue of religion played no role for the Play Mate: I think we should be tolerant, everyone should do what she likes. Religiously, I’m not sure. But I believe in good and evil

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