How to Treat an Earache

How to Treat an Earache 300x199 How to Treat an Earache1. Pop ibuprofen or aspirin for the pain – for up to 3 days

2. Place a warm towel or hot water bottle on the ear for about 15 to 30 minutes several times a day.

3. Be alert to temporomandibular joint disorder ITMJ). If you don’t notice any stuffiness or hearing loss in the ear but it hurts to open your mouthm you most likely have TMS, a pain in the ja that can radiate to your middle ear. Rest your chops by avoiding hard. Chewy foods for a week or two.

4. Prevent earaches when flying by taking an over-the -counter decongestant pill and using a nasal spray about an hour before the palne hands.

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