| How to take your creative ideas to the next level

How to take your creative ideas to the next level

Try these clever approaches.

1. Find downtime. Back-to-back meetings and on- the-go living are counter to the way the brain works. says Laurie LaMantia, a creativity expert and De Paul University business school proffessor. The brain loves to make connections, and it can’t do that if it’s never at rest.

2. Stretch your mind. Practice taking an everyday item (say, a napkin ring) and thinking of at least five different ways to use it. This exercise opens your mind to new possibilities.

3. Develop a one-a-day habit. Take at least one action each day that furthers your goal. Rasfeld says clever people get beyond “I wish…” because they take steps to realize their creativity. Write three pages, complete two sketches, meet with a mentor, do any little thing that wifi advance your ideas.

4. Try again. Tell yourself that failure is not an option. When an idea doesn’t fly, a clever person doesn’t think of it as a failure — it’s a practice run. 5. Don’t set limits. We often adhere to the seemingly finite set of choices we see before us, says Ellen I. Langer, a Harvard psychology professor and author of The Power of Mindful Learning. Expand your options. Keep a list of “Why not?” scenarios based on your wildest dreams. What if money were no object? What’s stopping you from being the next big thing? Barbara S her’s book Refuse to Choose: A Revolutionary Program for Doing Everything You Love can help you learn how to organize your creative thoughts. Check out for brainstorming tips.

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