Sudden numbness or a dead feeling on one side of your body

STAY CLUED A surprising number of people who have never been diagnosed with a stroke have experienced its symptoms. a new study reported in the Archives of internal Medicine. “Sudden numbness or a dead feeling on one side of your body” was the most common complaint in the study of people who assured researcflers that they hadn’t had a stroke or mini-stroke. Other reported symptoms you need to know include sudden painless weakness on one side of the body. painless loss of vision, or sudden difficulties in understanding. saying or writing words.

The researchers discovered that almost 18 per cent of the more than 18,000 people in the study reported one or more of these indicators of a disruption of blood flow to the brain. They may have had mild strokes without knowing it, researchers concluded, putting them in danger of more serious brain attacks. If you haven’t already, tell your doctor today if you’ve suffered any of these symptoms.

AM Trouble

Talking of strokes, previous studies have shown the A.M. hours to be the prime time for a heart attack, and now researchers for the Northern Manhattan Stroke Study say that people are also more likely to have strokes in the morning. More reason to sleep in.

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