No-needle Insulin for diabetes


If you have diabetes, the thought of getting your daily doses of insulin through some means other than needle and syringe probably sounds appealing. It may soon become reality. An inhaled insulin system, Exubera, is being reviewed by the US Food and Drug Administration. Other inhaled insulin preparations are also under development.

Use of inhaled insulin doesn’t eliminate the need for injections of long-acting insulin, but it does reduce the total number of daily injections required. Evidence suggests that Exubera is well tolerated, although a mild to moderate cough may be a side effect. Researchers have yet to accumulate data on the drug’s long-term effects and effectiveness.

Exubera is a short-acting insulin in powder form administered with a special inhaler before meals. The insulin is delivered to your lungs and quickly absorbed into your bloodstream. Studies have shown this inhaled form of insulin is more rapidly absorbed than injected short-acting insulin preparations and is just as effective.

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