Iron-deficient women with diminished memory

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A recent study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, involving iron-deficient women with diminsihed memory found that iron supplementation did more than just bring up their iron levels. Improved iron levels also correlated with better momory and mental- functioning skills on specialized tests.

Based on blood tests,113 women (ages 18 to 35) were classifie dhaving sufficient iron, iron deficiency without anemia, or iron deficiency without anemia or iron deficiency severe enough to be considered mild anemia. Baseline tests of memory, learning and attention were give. Compared to women with sufficient iron, the women with sufficient iron, the omen with low iron – ranging from moderately low levles to levels low enough to cause anemia – scored more poorly and compeleted the tests more slowly. Those with anemia had the worst scores.

Study participants were randomly assigned to take either inactive pills (placebos) or iron supplements for the next 16 week, after which they were tested again for iron levels and mental functioning. Those who were iron deficient or iron deficient with mild anemia and took iron supplements improved their mental skills test scores. In fact, test performance improved fivefold to sevenfold among women who had a siginficat increase in their iron test levels.

Mayo Clinic experts say further studies are neede to determine if those findings extend to other population groups, such as men and older adults. In the meantime, the say it seems reasonable to ask your doctor to consider measuring your iron levles if you are concerned about memory issues – but talk with yourdoctor before deciding to take iron supplements.

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