Vampire therapy ‘could improve wellbeing’

Having your blood sucked out under ultraviolet light, then pumped back into your body sounds like a scene right out of a horror flick, but some say it could work miracles.

Blood cleansing, the latest health-boosting treatment, claims to not only energise you, but aid a host of medical and skin concerns, too.

UVB Photo-biological Stimulation therapy (UVB therapy) involves a small amount (50ml) of blood being extracted from the body and passed via a tube connection to a machine, where it”s briefly exposed to UV light then redirected into the bloodstream.

This 15-minute treatment widely used in Germany and Russia has now been introduced in the UK too.

The therapy claims to strengthen the immune system and increase metabolism, reduce the symptoms of diabetes, allergies and improve skin conditions such as acne and dermatitis.

The theory is that when there is not enough oxygen in the blood, there is also a lack of energy in the blood”s cells, which can lead to poor circulation – in turn leading to illness.

“When exposed to the ultraviolet light, the blood is deeply cleansed, purified and better able to ward off viruses and bacteria. The UV light also activates blood proteins, immune enzymes and increases oxygen content,” The Daily Mail quoted Dr Robert Stelzer, a specialist, who has been administering the treatment for more than a decade, as saying.

Not everyone shares his views though.

“There is a lack of safety studies into this. To use this type of therapy before ruling out any underlying medical conditions with your GP might be foolish,” warned Dr Rajendra Sharma, of The Diagnostic Clinic in London.

Despite a few testimonials from patients who have undergone the therapy and seen desirable results, the therapy is still a topic of debate in medical circles, and only time will tell if it is accepted by everyone.

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