A better muscle tone helps sex life

A better muscle tone helps sex life1 300x204 A better muscle tone helps sex lifeA man who was bored with his sex life consulted his doctor seeking the medic’s help on how to make things more interesting in the bedroom. The doctor advised him to try a self-help book. The man followed his doctor’s advice and read a book on how to get innovative with sex positions to enhance his sex life.

In fact, many couples want to add some spice to their sex life and to accomplish this, they read self-help books or try to enact scenes they see in a movie and some even role play; i.e. they pretend to be a character from a movie.

It is a fact that different positions do enhance your sex life as they make things interesting. However, it is very important that both partners are willing to try this and even more imperative it is that the partners know what they are doing; after all, imagine hurting your pelvis trying some acrobatic position that’s probably not possible!

While sex-help books may be helpful, some are just outrageous, so if you are seeking advice from such books, make sure you try something that is feasible and won’t injure you. In addition, the ability to try out new and exciting positions will also depend on your physical fitness. If you really do want to experiment, improve the muscle tone and the dexterity of your body, especially the pelvis; you can do this with an aerobic workout.

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