akshay tritiya| akshaya tritiya festival | akshaya tritiya|akshaya tritiya sms

akshaya tritiya festival 300x225 akshay tritiya| akshaya tritiya festival | akshaya tritiya|akshaya tritiya smsAkshaya Tritiya or Akha teej 2010 falls on May 16, which is a highly auspicious day and considered to be as dominant as Maha Shivaratri. Akshaya is a Sanskrit word, accurately means one that never diminishes and the day is thought to bring good luck and success, which comes on the third day of bright half (Shukla Paksha) of Vaishaka month of Hindu (April – May).Significance and Importance of Akshaya Tritiya

In all parts of India, it is extensively celebrated by diverse sections of the society irrespective of their religious faith and social grouping. This day marks the foundation of the Treta Yug, according to the Puranas. The birthday of Parashurama, the sixth personification of Vishnu falls on this day. It is assumed that by doing a good act on Akshaya Tritiya one can earn Punya (merit) for life. For purchasing long term assets like gold and silver, including ornaments made of the same; diamond and other precious stones; and the real estate, the day is mainly considered auspicious.

Without in-depth study for a “shubha mahurat” wedding can be conducted on any time of this day, according to Vedic Scholars. When undertaking new business ventures or planning for weddings or traveling to distant lands, the Hindus all over the world keep this day in mind. One more reason for the importance of this day is that the temples for the pilgrims of Badri Kedar Yatra or the Char Dham Yatra, opens on the Akshaya Tritiya.

This day is the brightest day according to Astrology. Sun is in Aries and Moon is in Taurus and the positions are such that they conceal maximum light. It is also a special day for Jains. After fasting for whole year, Bhagvan Rishabhdev, the first ‘tirthankar’ broke his fast with sugarcane juice. Jains celebrate this day by fasting after following his example.

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