Eat pizza to beat cancer

Power of pizza

A weekly pizza reduces your risk of cancer. Throat cancer: 60 per cent, colon cancer: 26 per cent and mouth cancer: 35 per cent. Scientists think this is because pizza’s standard ingredients:

Eat pizza to beat cancer 300x298 Eat pizza to beat cancer Tomatoes, olive oil, vegetables, garlic, herbs and spices, are all excellent sources of antioxidants and fibre. These fight cancer and boost immunity. Choose thin crust—wholemeal, if possible, it has less fat and more fibre—and stand your slice on a kitchen towel for 30 seconds before eating in order to soak up excess oil. Call it the Saudi- prince effect.

Toast to your health

There’s more than a crumb of truth in the old wives’ tale that eating crusts is good for you—it slashes your chances of developing bowel cancer by 72 per cent. European Journal of Cancer researchers discovered that a chemical released during baking prevents tumour growth in the bowels. Take sandwiches to work every day—researchers say that crusts need to be eaten daily to deliver the effects.

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