Explore her body and find hidden pleasures

1. Eyelashes

Hold her gaze fora minute. If she’s blinking morethan normal (1 5times a minute), there’s a chance she’s on the Pill; women on birth control blink32percentmore. Putonyourtoughest, most confidentface. Due to a shift in hormone levels, research says, women on the Pill are more attracted to men with rugged features.

She’s matching you drinkfor drink, but seems hersame old self. What’s going on? Men and women get different kinds of buzzes: Men lose inhibitions, whilewomen get sedated. If you want her inthe party spirit, feed the DJ some money. Research shows that up-tempo music will make herfeel more social.

3 Small of her neck
As she moves towards orgasm during sex, she’ll beginto arch herspine. Hold her tight around thesmall of her back and stay attuned to how much she’s arching. And, for God’s sake, don’t stop; maintain the same rhythm and intensity of stimulation until she climaxes. She’ll pay you back for this, with interest.

4 Between her legs

Learn about her menstrual cycle to know when to leave her alone. Watch for: Crabbiness, outbursts, random tears. Now add this to your arsenal: Two weeks after her period begins, she’ll be at her horniest as she’s ovulating. Warning: It’s also when she’s most likely to get pregnant.

5 flose
Her sense of smell is sharpest in the morning, so impress her with this: Breakfast in bed with warm banana-nut bread or banana cake. It has an aroma that, according to a study (90 per cent of taste is smell) increases bloodflow to the vagina. It may lead to a different kind of morning treat.

6 Chest
Sex flush, a pinkness on her chest, occurs in foreplay due to changes in blood pressure and circulation. Think of it as her way of telling you that if you keep doing what you’re doing, you might get lucky. Another sign: A woman’s breasts can grow by 25 per cent during foreplay.

7 Belly
Know when to broach a tricky subject by her breathing. If her stomach pulls in with each inhalation, she’s taking shallow breaths which indicates stress. Keep your distance. If her abdomen expands with each inhalation, it’s a sign of relaxation.

8 Hands
If it seems she always has cold hands, that’s because she does—almost three degrees colde than yours. Women’s bodies are programmed keep their cores warmer than their extremities. Wrap your arms around her waist. It’ll warm her core and allow blood to flow to her fingers.

9 Fingernails
Pay attention to her fingers; among the sures signs of anxiety in a woman are body-focusec repetitive behaviour, such as nail biting. Dont —a: her to stop; that can send her deeper into a sc Gently pull her hand away, give it a squeeze ac hold onto it. Feel the tension ooze right out.

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