Supplements in fish oil do not boost brain power

Rejecting the long held belief that supplements in fish oil are good for kids brain, a new study claimed that the pills do not boost mental ability of children.

Supplements in fish oil do not boost brain power1 300x300 Supplements in fish oil do not boost brain powerFor the study, which according to the researchers is the largest of its kind, 450 children aged eight to ten at 18 schools in South Wales were given either omega-3 supplements ‘clever capsules’ or placebos for a period of four months.

The results of a series of tests showed that the fish oil pills did not improve the youngsters’Supplements in fish oil do not boost brain power it did appear that those taking them were more attentive.

Further analysis showed that reading, spelling and handwriting were not improved in those who took omega-3, the Daily Mail reported.

Pointing that supplements might help some youngsters who have trouble concentrating in class, lead researcher Amanda Kirby said: “The primary message always has got to be to start with a good diet.”

Noting that kids are eating more rubbish, Kirby of the University of Wales, said: “If children have a relatively varied diet and don’t seem to have problems, it is probably not going to help them.”

For youngsters with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or learning difficulties, fish oils are “worth a try,” she said.

She added: “Fatty acids make up 20 per cent of the brain and are going to have an effect in a number of different ways. Some of the studies on cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s disease are pretty convincing, but we need more research.”

Earlier studies have credited fats found in abundance in fish such as herring, mackerel, salmon and fresh tuna with health benefits from staving off heart disease, cancer and depression, to warding off Alzheimer’s disease. PTI

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