Don’t sweat it out this summer

For all the suave confidence you might reflect, chances are come summer, you might not be as cocky anymore. Reason — body odour thanks to excessive sweating.
With the mercury soaring across the country, sweating is one of the most common problems people face. And it is not just the underarms, but even sweaty palms and feet that lead to fungal infections and foul odour that can have you shying away from social gatherings. But with a few smart tips, you can keep these problems at bay for a happy summer.

1 Avoid wearing synthetic clothes. The more hours you spend in jeans and tightfitting clothes or synthetic fabrics the more sweat gets trapped causing infections.

2If the problem is particularly bad, rubbing some white vinegar, alcohol or alum can prevent foul odour and excessive sweating. Baking soda in small quantities can also help.

3 Excessive use of anti-perspirants and deodrants can hamper the skin’s ability to breathe. Anti-bacterial soaps can be used for a fresh feel.

4Diet is an important factor as well. Red meat, refined wheat products, sugar particles, consumption of alcohol and coffee can increase sweating and body odour. Processed foods should also be avoided.

5 Excessive sweating known as hyperhidrosis can also be controlled. Surgeons and dermatologists say that a surgery is not the only way to control this. An easier option to control this problem would be to get botox injections to suppress sweat glands.

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