Eat Amla, live longer

Do you want to defy ageing and live longer? All you have to do is to eat amla or Indian gooseberry regularly. Make it a point to consume at least one amla fruit, either fresh or dried and powdered, to increase longevity, improve health and defy those distasteful signs of ageing.

Eat Amla live longer Eat Amla, live longerAmla is one of the three important fruits grouped together by ancient Ayurvedic practitioners as”triphala.” Amla contains large quantities of vitamin C, which is a known anti-oxidant. Anything that has antioxidant properties prevents ageing and degeneration of cells. It also rejuvenates the body by helping in easy digestion.

Practitioners of traditional medicine prescribe amla for obese people as they believe that it helps in shedding extra weight through burning of fat accumulated in the body. Amla also helps in removing poison elements (toxins) accumulated in the liver, maintains a healthy balance in stomach acids and improves fertility.

Recent research studies on amla showed that the fruit is good for treatment of problems relating to stomach, blood, metabolism, lungs, liver, skin and hair. No wonder, many Ayurvedic doctors describe amla as”amrit” or nectar from the heavens.

Home remedies

* Children and young people with short-sightedness may take amla juice with honey regularly. This will improve eyesight. It also prevents eye related problems.
* If you are beauty conscious and do not want age to show on you, you may take amla regularly.
* School children, whose memory is not so good, may include amla murabba (amla candy) and milk in their breakfast.
* For those who do not get sound sleep, a gentle massage of the scalp with amla oil will help in relieving the problem.
* A mix of amla powder with honey is suggested for women with complaint of white discharge.

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