Deafness can be cured – Experts

London: Scientists have discovered a gene linked to the type of deafness passed on through families.

The finding revealed treatments for inherited deafness are one step closer. Around half of deafness is thought to be inherited and experts are pinpointing genes involved one by one.

Deafness can be cured Experts 300x195 Deafness can be cured   Experts Researchers looked at the genetics of families where several members were deaf and identified the PTPRQ (Protein tyrosine phosphatase, receptor type, Q) gene as playing a role, reports ‘’

The research, funded by the Royal National Institute for Deaf People and published in the American Journal of ‘Human Genetics’, was carried out by Dutch experts.

“This research will help develop medicines that are desperately needed to prevent deafness and restore hearing,” said Sohaila Rastan, RNID’s chief scientific adviser.

In the past few months the Dutch team has discovered two other genes linked to inherited deafness. So far, about a third of 60 genes have been discovered.

Every year 840 babies are born in the UK with significant deafness. By the age of three, one child in 1,000 is deaf.

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