Alcoholism during pregnancy ups epilepsy risk

Alcoholism pregnancy ups epilepsy risk children Alcoholism during pregnancy ups epilepsy riskScientists and clinical investigators worldwide suggest that a woman should keep herself away from alcohol during pregnancy and concentrate on having a healthy prenatal care and include good nutritious diet, adequate exercise with appropriate amount of rest for a healthy child birth.

Children who suffer from fetal alcohol spectrum disorder or FASD is at least six times more likely to suffer from epilepsy in their later stage, indicates a study. These children are also likely to suffer at least one seizure during their lifetime.

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) may cause permanent birth defects caused by drinking alcohol during pregnancy. A link between alcohol consumption during pregnancy and rates of drinking alcohol, drug abuse, depression and even stroke and Parkinson’s disease has been indicated in the previous research studies.

According to neuroscientists, this latest study will help in understanding the risks posed to the unborn child by alcohol consumption though it is difficult to establish the causes between drinking and epilepsy. Drinking during pregnancy can put a child at greater risk of various neurologic and behavioral health problems.

“Establishing a direct link between these clinical conditions will be a difficult challenge given our incomplete understanding of how ethanol damages the developing brain and what neuropathological changes in brain tissue lead to the development of different types of epilepsy.”

Another research by the researchers from Perth’s Telethon Institute for Child Health Research found that the amount and timing of alcohol consumption in pregnancy can affect behavior of a child in different ways. The study published in the international journal Addiction, found that exposure to moderate or heavy levels of alcohol in late pregnancy increases the risk of aggressive behavior in child.

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