Learn to avoid knee trouble

Learn to avoid knee trouble Learn to avoid knee troubleJoint pain in the young? Yes, of course. Joint pain and knee ailments no longer affect the old alone, as many young people now suffer from this problem. As per the United States Bone and Joint Decade, one out of seven people in America, suffers from some or the other type of joint pain. The same holds true for Indians. The pendulum of the spectrum of joint pain is now swinging towards the young adult age group.

Although elderly people are the victims of joint pain, it is not unusual to find young people suffering from this disorder as well. The major causes of untimely joint pain are obesity and a sedentary lifestyle.

Obesity is one of the primary causes of joint pain. Every one pound gain in weight results in an additional four pounds of load on the joints. This is sufficient to understand how much stress we put on our joints. naturally, those who are overweight subject their joints to tremendous stress, resulting in early wear and tear of the muscles, cartilage and tendons in that area.
Heredity is also a cause of joint pain in a few cases. If your family medical history reflects poor joint function, you should take proactive measures to avoid joint pain. Knowing that you are prone to joint pain improves your chances of evading it by taking precautionary measures, and it also helps the doctor to begin the corresponding joint pain treatment.

Repeated stress injury arises due to overuse of a certain joint for a long period. Athletes and other sports persons are susceptible to this form of joint injury. These people have to put a lot of stress on a particular joint, which results in the joint being worn out earlier.
Injuries such as sprains and fractures which may appear minor at first can damage the joint in the long run. Such injuries which may have occurred in childhood, weaken the joints, but the effects become evident only in later life.

Improper workouts are also a common cause of joint pain. Most people are so enthusiastic about beginning their exercise regimen, that they forget to follow a proper routine required for safe and effective exercising. Starting exercises without warming up, prolonged weight lifting or other strenuous forms of exercise also weaken the joints.

Incorrect posture and wrong footwear often leads to unnecessary stress on the joints. If your work requires you to sit or stand for a very long time, then doing so with an incorrect posture may lead to joint pain in the long run. Wearing the wrong kind of footwear all the time accelerates the chances of joint pain. High heels for daily use, the wrong kind of shoes for jogging or running can definitely lead to joint pain.

Common Knee problems
The most common knee problem is arthritis. Although it technically means “joint inflammation,” the term is used to describe many different diseases that affect the joints.
Another knee problem is chondromalacia patella. It refers to softening of the articular cartilage of the knee cap. It is seen most often in young adults and can be caused by injury, overuse, misalignment of the patella or muscle weakness. The disorder is common in runners, cyclists and soccer players.
Meniscal injuries are caused by the force of rotating the knee while bearing weight. A partial or total tear may occur when you quickly twist or rotate the upper leg while the foot stays still. These injuries are usually seen in sports persons.
Cruciate ligament injuries are sometimes referred to as sprains. They aren’t always painful, but are disabling.

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