Scientists cast doubts on long-term use of sinus treatment

Washington, Nov 9  : Scientists have cast doubts over the efficacy of nasal saline irrigation (NSI, or Neti Pot) in the treatment of sinus disease.

The study led by Dr Talal M. Nsouli, showed that daily long-term use might make the infection worse.

The research involving 68 patients revealed a 62.2 percent decrease in the frequency of acute rhinosinusitis during the discontinuation phase.

The participants were recruited in a 12-month NSI trial, followed by a 12-month NSI discontinuation (NSID) phase.

The researchers conclude that, “although NSI has been shown to improve nasal mucociliary clearance, its daily long-term use may result in increased frequency of acute infection by potentially depleting the nose of its immune blanket of mucus.

“Therefore, the practicing clinician should be aware of this potential unwanted effect of long-term utilization of NSI.”

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